Breaks and 8:30PM Evening Hours

Now that the pool is open later in the evenings, we have decided to move the final break to the last 15 minutes that the pool is open. This last 15 minutes will be the adults only swim time and will also be the time when some of the lifeguards begin their cleaning and closing process.

The pool will close promptly at the designated time. When the pool closes at 8:30 PM, the 7:45 PM break will now be at 8:15 PM, and the doors to the pool will close at 8:30 PM.

Starting the Summer with Safety! Swim Testing in Action!

Saratoga has a new pool management company – Premier Pools – and its lifeguards are determined to keep the pool safe. The children eagerly signed up and lined up! Just in one weekend, the lifeguards performed over 35 swim tests!

WHO does this apply to?
Swimmers 12 year old and under (this includes guest swimmers)

WHAT is swim test?
It is a safety measure to check a young swimmer’s capabilities in the water before allowing them to use the diving board, dive well, and/or be present in water above their head.

WHY have a swim test?
To help ensure our young swimmers are using the pool safely!

HOW do I arrange a test for your child?
Go to the front desk and request a swim test for your child (first AND last name).

SWIM TEST Requirements:
– Swim 2 full lengths of the pool starting at the shallow end.
– Tread water for two minutes

For more information about swim tests or to sign up, please visit the front desk or email

* NOTE! The first bracelet is free! If lost, a replacement bracelet costs $1.00.

Thank you for your support in making this a happy, healthy, and safe summer at Saratoga Pool!

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Private Parties

The pool is a great place to host your next event! Pool members can rent the party area, or even rent out the entire facility for large groups. Sign up is open now.

Pool Clean Up Days

The Before

Diving Board Donations Complete (Jan 19th Update)

Thanks to the generous donations from our members and the Saratoga Stingrays Swim Team, we were able to raise enough funds to cover the purchase of a new diving board. Thank you!

Our Pool After the Snow!