Volunteer Program 2024

The volunteer fee is a mechanism to encourage volunteering or allow members to opt out of volunteering. The pool and grounds cost a great amount to maintain. The past few years we have seen the same people volunteering for pool clean up and hosting events. These people save us money, but this is not sustainable.

In our research, other pools in the area charge a $100 or even $150 volunteer fee, which we felt was too much to ask of our members. So we voted on $30, enough to encourage volunteering and implement the program.

We are working to provide a variety of volunteer opportunities and would like members volunteering over opting out so they can get their $30 reimbursed, the pool can have more events, we can continue to build a sense of community, and save money by having volunteers!

  • The volunteer fee is mandatory and included in membership dues.
  • Volunteer must be 16 years or older.
  • Reimbursement requirement is participation in 2 board approved volunteer events per household membership.

Please contact us with any questions srgpoolva@gmail.com.

Current events available for sign up links:

Volunteer Sign-Up for 10 July – Swim Meet Concessions

Volunteer Sign-Up for 12 July – Trivia Night

Volunteer Sign-Up for 13 July – Swim Meet Concessions

Volunteers Sign-Up for 16 July – Taco Tuesday and Bingo

Volunteer Sign-Up for 26 July – Family Night

Signups for more events will be coming soon!

The best way to thank a volunteer is to become one!!!


The Saratoga Pool would not exist without the help and hard work of our wonderful volunteers!

We’d like to thank all who are involved in keeping our pool operating, healthy, fun, and beautiful!