Summer and pool opening day is near. Are you ready?


2024 season

For the 2024 season, we have introduced household membership rates based on number of members per account. Each household must include one member 18 years or older.

We are now in regular rates:

  • Household of 6 – $613 + reimbursable volunteer fee = $643
  • Household of 5 – $593 + reimbursable volunteer fee = $623
  • Household of 4 – $573 + reimbursable volunteer fee = $603
  • Household of 3 – $553 + reimbursable volunteer fee = $583
  • Household of 2 – $458 + reimbursable volunteer fee = $488
  • Household of 1 – $346 + reimbursable volunteer fee = $376

All paid accounts will include 10 guest passes. Additionally, there is a $30 volunteer fee included that is reimbursed to you at the end of the season when you fulfill 2 board approved volunteer opportunities.

Finally, we implemented a referral program where current paid members receive $30 cash award (up to 20 referrals) when they refer a new membership that is retained through the end of the 2024 season.

A majority of our funding this year will go towards a new pool house roof, professional cleaning of the restrooms, and staffing lifeguards with 4 on high volume days based off of member feedback.

The pool has been great over the years! They enjoyed the kiddie pool when they were toddlers, and moved to the shallow end as they grew, and now they enjoy the deep end and the diving board.

It was amazing to see Saratoga Pool one of the few to open during the pandemic. We joined because we really needed to get off the screens and get outside.

We love going to the pool during the summer and building relationships with the community.

We save money on gas, we can walk or bike there. It is a quick trip after work and camp in the summers.