2024 Private Party Rules and Guidelines (Please read and proceed to signup form at the bottom)

​Reservations for pool parties may only be made by pool members. Pool party guests do not have to be members.

  1. All party guests must obey Saratoga Pool rules and guidance. The party host will be fully responsible for any violations of these rules and must stay at the party for the entire duration of the party or until all their guests leave.
  2. Each party is held in a designated area with picnic tables. Food and drinks must be consumed only in your designated area. At no time should food or drinks be taken into the pool.
  3. Music may be played for your event as long as Fairfax County’s noise ordinance is followed.
  4. The Pool does have a large propane grill available; you must bring your own fuel and grill tools to use the pool grill.
  5. You may decorate the area as you please.
  6. Cleaning up the party area, decorations and grill is your responsibility.
  7. All guests must come in to the pool through the designated area.
  8. At check-in, each party participant will receive a wristband to wear. All guests with wristbands will be required to leave at the end of the scheduled party time. Members of the pool can stay as long as they have signed in and given their pool passes at the check-in desk.
  9. Guests must provide their full name, and phone number at check in. This is for your protection as much as it is for the pool staff information.
  10. Finally the last rule: no glass is allowed on deck—period.

Our 2024 Private Party rates are:

Cost:  Mon. – Thur. is $110.00.

Fri. – Sun. is $120.00.

Time allotted: two (2) hours

Parties are held during normal pool hours.

​Designed area: Reserved area with picnic tables.

​The designated area is yours for those two hours. It can be rented for a longer duration of time at an additional cost of $30.00 per half hour. The request for additional time must be made prior to the day of the party.

The  $110.00/$120.00 fees listed above applies for a two-hour time span. The maximum number of daytime party guests is twenty-Five (25) people. This includes adults and children swimming or not. If you have additional guests it is $60 for an additional up to twenty guests.  There is a non-refundable fee of $35.00 if your party has to be cancelled due to weather conditions. If you would like to reschedule your party, we will do our best to accommodate your needs and the $35.00 will be applied to your rescheduled party.

Rental Fees:

  • All fees are required in full at least 10 days prior to the party.
  • If the party is cancelled due to weather you will be refunded a portion of the fees.
  • Additional fees for additional time or additional guests are due 24 hours prior to your party.
  • All parties must be scheduled with the Events Coordinator, not with the lifeguards.
  • Checks should be made payable to Saratoga Recreation Group, Inc. Once this is received you will be called or e-mailed a confirmation letter.

Cleaning Deposit:

A $50.00 cleaning deposit is required and will be refunded after the party providing the pool area has been cleaned up by the party guests.  Please pay this fee separately by check.  The check will be held but not deposited.

Canopy and Grill Use:

Two (2) canopy tents are available for rent at $10 each, or you are welcome to bring your own.

Use of the small grill is allowed, however propane and grilling supplies are the responsibility of the member.


Only if the party is cancelled due to weather conditions, will you be issued a refund minus the $35 non-refundable fee.  You may choose to reschedule and all non-refunded money can be applied to another date. Rescheduling requires a new contract and approval from the Private Party Coordinator. If you have any questions please contact SRG, Events Coordinator at srgpoolva@gmail.com

And Lastly:
SRG would like to remind you and let you know that all the profits from the Private Parties go towards the pool. This money is used for the pool maintenance and pool comfort items. All members of the SRG board, including the snack shop operators (friends of the pool) and the Private Party Coordinator, are volunteers who donate their time and skills to our neighborhood pool without any payment. Please keep this in mind and treat your volunteers kindly.

Thank you for choosing the Saratoga Pool. We hope you have a great time!

(January 7, 2024)

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